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Hello & welcome to my blog! I created this blog to share my passion for health, through nutritious plant based recipes! My love for nutrition was sparked at a young age from my mother's healthy eating habits & ever since has remained very important in my life. I graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with my bachelor's degree in Nutrition.

Throughout this journey I've learned the importance of balance. I strive for eating a healthy plant based diet the majority of the time. However, I’m human (took me awhile to learn this) but I learned it’s better to enjoy the foods you like in moderation as opposed to completely eliminating them from your diet because you’ll just crave them more. Read below to find out more about my journey!

I knew from day one of college that I wanted to study nutrition. It was the one subject that I was really passionate about. 












This is a picture of me with my first Nutrition book. I was so excited when I finally was able to take my first Nutrition class in college!

And four years later I graduated, I was so happy to finish with school! I was tired of being stuck in a classroom and was ready to share what I had learned with others.


My passion for Nutrition started at a very young age due to my mom’s positive influence. My mom was really ahead of the game when it came to eating healthy. She stayed away from artificial colors/flavorings, refined flours, and junk food in general. She was also really big on making foods from scratch. For example, for birthdays we always had homemade cakes or cup cakes. (okay, so maybe that doesn’t sound very healthy, but it’s a healthier alternative to store bought cakes that are loaded with artificial ingredients and are made to have a long shelf life).  I wasn’t introduced to cake or cookie mixes until middle school when I stayed over at a friends house (wow, what an eye opening experience--my friends couldn’t believe I’d never made a cake from a box). And I’m really thankful I learned the art of cooking and baking as opposed to the skill of making food from a box. Thanks to my mom I acquired a liking to healthy foods at a young age and a thirst to learn more about foods and how they affect our well being.



This is a picture of me with my mom at the coast.


Some health books that were influential to me on my health journey include: The China Study by the Campbells, and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell Esselstyn. I even had the opportunity to meet Dr. Esselstyn and his son at a health conference and hear them speak in person.




Picture 1: Me with Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Picture 2: Me with Rip Esselstyn (Dr. Caldwell's son)


The more I learned about healthy eating, the more it made sense to me. What made less sense was how prevalent junk food was (and still is) in our society. I know there are may factors that affect one’s diet (economic, location, education, personal preferences, etc). However, it feels like we should be doing more as a society to improve our health. Because it is very clear that one’s diet play’s a very large role on one’s health. I’m an advocate of preventative medicine through a healthy diet. I’m not against medicine, but I think a lot of it is unnecessary if dietary changes were made.


Not only am I passionate about healthy eating, but I also love baking and cooking. What happens when you combine the two together...healthy recipes! So in my spare time I’ll experiment in the kitchen creating healthy concoctions (and cross my fingers that they come out tasting good). I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen since I was little too, but I’ve never done a very good job at keeping my recipes organized.






Pictured: Photo 1, my grandma and I with the batch of homemade kolaches that we made.

Photo 2, My mom with a homemade fruit bouquet that I made for Mother’s day.


So rewind, I graduated from college… went through a few different jobs that were somewhat nutrition related but none were good fits, then I found a good job (in the health field) but, I wasn’t really utilizing my nutrition knowledge (surprise)!


And when you’re not able to ignite that passion, whatever it is you may like/enjoy (the thing that gets you excited just thinking about it), then life becomes a bit more dull.


So, what did I do? I didn’t want to quit my job [I like(d) it].


Lightbulb moment.


Oh hey, Caitlin...remember all those times you mentioned/thought about starting a blog? But never did, because you weren’t ready...didn’t have enough recipes or just really didn’t know how to start?

Well, what are you waiting for? No, it won’t be perfect. But you’ve got to start somewhere.


So come January 2017 I started my blog and I’m so glad I did!


Not only does it excite me that I’m able to share healthy recipes/ideas with other people, but it also has motivated me to refine and keep track of my recipes, so I have them for easy reference.




Pictured: Strawberry banana smoothie


Some other fun facts about me...I have six siblings, I’m the middle child, I grew up in the country, I’m from Texas, I like dancing (swing’s my fave), I like hiking, I’m a runner, I enjoy listening to live music, I'm half Czech and I like checking out different eateries (it gives me ideas for my recipes).



Pictured: Here is a photo of me and my immediate family at one of our Thanksgivings (rarely do we capture everyone in the same photo).


So, to summarize; healthy eating has been a part of my life since I was born (thanks, mom)! And I embraced the lifestyle because I thought it was important and noticed the difference it made to my own well being.


Please, check out my blog for healthy plant based recipes and healthy inspiration. 


Stay healthy, my friends!

Caitlin =)

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